sustainable & delicious

At back40growers, environmental sustainability is key.

here’s what we’re doing right now:

growing food locally

This reduces transport and refrigeration costs. It also gets you fresh produce that’s just been picked.

Avoiding pesticides and herbicides

We don’t use chemical pesticides or herbicides. If a pest gets in, we release the ladybugs.

using 98% less water than conventional farming

Our irrigation system is completely re-circulatory. No water is wasted and very little is lost to evaporation. Fully 98% of the water we use is conserved.

here’s what we have planned:

green power

We are currently working to install solar and/or wind power generation on our rooftop.

water capture

Right now we use tap water with impurities removed through reverse osmosis. We plan on capturing rainwater, then removing impurities in the same way.