we are lovers of fine food

Yes, we’re farmers, but first and foremost we are lovers of healthy, nutritious food. Our goal is to change the way people know food by providing the highest quality of produce that’s local and sustainable naturally grown produce.

We started our indoor vertical farm in early 2018 out of a love of food and healthy living. We recognize the importance of eating organically grown produce that is non-GMO and pesticide free, so we imagined back40growers as a state-of-the-art indoor controlled environment farm centrally located near our home in Burlington, Ontario.

From farm to table, all year long

Our dream is now a reality. We grow consistently flavourful, micro greens, herbs and specialty items that are fresh-picked daily. Our produce is just as bright and crisp in February as it is in June.

support local farmers,
reduce environmental impacts

We’re passionate about supporting local businesses and locally grown food. Well before back40growers launched, our family always went to great lengths to buy local. We like supporting local growers, eating healthy and reducing environmental impacts.

Did you know that the average meal travels 1,200 kilometres from farm to plate? Grapes from Chile and garlic from China can hardly be called fresh. After an odyssey of several weeks on trucks, ships and more trucks, produce may still be good looking and well-preserved, but fresh it’s not.

Over the course of 12 months in 2016//2017, the Government of Canada’s Nutrition North Canada program subsidized the cost of groceries air-shipped to far northern communities to the tune of $69,670,235. Over 1/3 of that cost went to subsidizing perishable fruits and vegetables.

Food grown close to consumption is not only fresher—it incurs fewer transport emissions and requires less refrigeration. But food miles only make up a portion of a food item’s carbon footprint. The way that food is grown accounts for about 80 percent of its impact. That’s huge!